Wednesday, September 26, 2007


My wife and I went to the Kansas City Chiefs VS Minnesota Vikings last Sunday and had a GREAT time! The game went all the way down to the wire and the Chiefs won 13-10. The Vikings had one final chance at the end and had to go about 60 yards and score a TD in the final play b/c their was :02 (or so) seconds left on the clock. I thought they were going to put the ball up for grabs on a Hail Mary, but they tried the ol' short pass and then lateral the ball around hoping a guy would get free. A few Viking players touched the ball on the play, but the Chiefs were able to stop them and get the win! GO CHIEFS!

During the 4th quarter a drunk (allegedly) fan ran out onto the field and ran the full length of the football field before security and the Chiefs mascot, KC WOLF, brought him down. The security guards tackled him and then KC WOLF put on the finishing move with the BODY SLAM!! Priceless. Here it is on youtube:
-- All Beef

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