Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Geocaching can be Tricky

My wife and I enjoyed a day of geocaching in Iowa City last weekend and came across a bit of a challenge on one in particular. You can see the cache (a micro-cache) that we're talking about in the picture above if you look closely. You can also see why getting to it proposed a slight challenge! We managed to get the cache, sign the log, and replace it without incident. No cuts or scrapes.
-- All Beef

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Len Dawson - KC Chiefs HOF QB

I have a friend who works with the great Len Dawson, the Chiefs legendary Superbowl winning QB, at KMBC-TV in Kansas City, MO. Dawson, long retired from the Chiefs, is the current Sports Director there. I sent her a football, she had him sign it, and then sent it back to me. Len Dawson won Superbowl IV against the Minnesota Vikings and entered the Hall of Fame (HOF) in 1987. Dawson remains a popular figure in the hallowed grounds we all call "Kansas City." Follow the link if you want to learn more about a great NFL QB.
My wife and I took a tour of KMBC the last time we were in KC, but unfortunately Len Dawson wasn't there. Hopefully someday we'll get the chance.
--All Beef

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

MOGA 2007

MOGA (Midwest Open Geocaching Adventure) 2007 was a weekend long geocaching event held at Mark Twain Lake, Monroe City, Missouri this year. There were 60 geocaches to find around Mark Twain Lake and if you take a look at the topographical map you'll see red and blue flags. Each flag represents a single geocache and where it is hidden. The difference in color was for everyone who participated in the competitions. Blue flags were for the 1-person competition and red flags were for 2-team and 4-team competitions. My wife and I competed in the 2-team competition and found 17 caches in the 3 hour time limit: a tie for 5th place. We were 3 away from tieing for 3rd place. The terrain was tough as we had to hike down and up ravines, go around inlets, climb rock face, etc. A total blast. We hiked many miles in three hours.

We camped Friday and Saturday nights, we ate at the MOGA Pavillion for our meals, attended the meet-and-greets, went to the evening activities, saw tons of geocoins, and met a lot of geocachers from all over the USA! One geocacher in particular was from KC who owns a business holding 16 KC CHIEFS season tickets! There was so much to do and the entire weekend was so much fun. We found a total of 35 geocaches during the event and hit our 500th find over all (over the past 3 years).

--All Beef