Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Kansas City Chiefs VS Oakland Raiders 2007

My wife and I went to the CHIEFS VS RAIDERS game last Sunday and had a fun time. The Chiefs unfortunately lost in the last few minutes of the game (again) and dropped their season record to 4-7. You can see some game action in the picture above.

The pre-game skit with KC WOLF was pretty hilarious. It was KC WOLF VS Darth Raider. A raider "fan" was dressed in black, wearing a Darth Vader helmet, and also wearing a black cape. Darth Raider and KC WOLF had a lightsaber dual right smack in the middle of the field. KC WOLF finally had enough and threw down his lightsaber and went for the flying drop kick! Darth Raider went down and KC WOLF proceeded with the bodyslam.

We went to the plaza the night before and had a good time walking around and looking at the famous Christmas lights they put up. We bought a few small items and also ate at UNO's while watching the KU-MU football game for the Big 12 championship. Everybody was pumped down there. We're Iowa Hawkeye fans though, so we just enjoyed watching the game and didn't really root too hard for either team.

--All Beef